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Hebrew School

Temple B'nai Israel's Hebrew School develops Hebrew reading skills, familiarity with the siddur, and basic Hebrew vocabulary while using the Hebrew language as a gateway to study holidays, texts, and culture.

About our Program
Hebrew School meets every Sunday afternoon for 3rd-6th graders. Hebrew school is designed to prepare our students to become bar/bat mitzvah and to have meaningful engagement with prayer, text, and observance throughout Jewish adulthood. In class, students practice their reading skills, while building an understanding of Hebrew vocabulary and the meaning of prayers in the siddur through games and interactive lessons. 

Outside of class time, each student also has a one-on-one 30 minute session each week with a tutor. These sessions reinforce the material taught in class and provide opportunities for additional enrichment tailored to each student. 

Each month of Hebrew school culminates in a Shabbat morning learner's service, where students put the information learned in class into action. 

Our Curriculum 
Each year, the Hebrew school alternates its focus between the three major rubrics of the prayer service: Sh'ma and its Blessings, Amidah, and the Torah Service. During a given year, students can expect to learn about each of the prayers in that rubric, study the important vocabulary in each prayer, and read the prayers with fluency.

Additionally, students learn about the prayers and Hebrew vocabulary associated with many Jewish holidays, the weekly Torah portion, and other relevant connections.

Fri, May 17 2024 9 Iyyar 5784