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Program Information

Our Curriculum

Our program is creative and child-centered with both structure and freedom. Children learn to make choices and to work cooperatively. They also learn to respect others, to work independently, and to develop an enthusiasm and excitement for learning.

Our curriculum is centered around weekly themes that are developed with the use of art, manipulatives, stories, and songs. The activities and materials used will be those important in facilitating specific skills – including language, fine and gross motor, science, math, inter-personal, and dramatic play. Each lesson is geared appropriately to the developmental age and stage of the class.

Our preschool is a place for children to create, explore, share, and discover. We offer our children encouragement, security, and love, along with a wide range of experiences and opportunities for planning, trying, and doing. We incorporate elements from the Learning Without Tears curriculum for teaching handwriting and letter recognition.

For more details on our 2- and 2 ½-year-old program, click here
For more details on our 3-year-old and Pre-K program, click below:
3s & PreK Curriculum & Goals              3s & PreK Curriculum & Goals (Part 2)


Weekly Enrichment

All students attending Erna Krouch Preschool receive weekly enrichment in music, Spanish, and gross motor skills. 

MUSIC is a vital part of our program. It is a language which is sung, played, heard, and written all over the world. Music will help with communication skills, self-expression, knowledge of patterns, movement, and confidence. Our children explore music by singing; playing bells, shakers, rhythm sticks, and drums; and moving with scarves.   

SPANISH is another important part of our program. In our youngest classes, we begin with colors and numbers. As we progress through our classes, we learn animals, body parts, food, and other things. By the time we reach our Pre-K classes, we begin to speak and understand simple sentences. We use books, puppets, and songs in our language lessons.

AMAZING ATHLETES allows the children an opportunity to strengthen their muscles and improve their eye-hand coordination, balance, and many more gross motor skills. Each weekly class lasts for 30 minutes and includes an obstacle course, specific sport-focused activities, and nutritional information. For more about this program, click here:

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