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Holiday Worship and Celebration

We welcome you to pray, celebrate and commemorate with us!
From our weekly Shabbat services to annual events, at Temple B'nai Israel we gather for meaningful prayer, joyful community, and sharing our Jewish traditions.
There are three types of holidays in Judaism: biblical, post-biblical, and modern. Some of our celebrations follow long-standing traditions, like sounding the shofar on Rosh Hashanah, while other observances are uniquely ours -- join us to see how we bring together modern sensibilities and ancient teachings.
Temple B'nai Israel is fully egalitarian. We welcome to our community the beauty of God's diverse creation including all ethnicities and racial backgrounds, LGBTQ+ identities, physical and mental abilities, and those from different faith backgrounds interested in being a part of a vibrant Jewish community.  
Fri, March 24 2023 2 Nisan 5783