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Temple Youth Education

Temple Youth Education is Evolving

The mission of Temple B’nai Israel’s Youth Engagement Program is to raise competent and confident Jewish children. Together, we will:

  • Expand the relationships of our Temple families to strengthen relationships between parents, children of multiple ages, and multi-generationally;
  • Create educational programs and experiental learning opportunities; and
  • Offer events every 4-8 weeks open to the larger community beyond TBI.

Modular programming will allow us to take full advantage the wealth of religious and
cultural values and practices Judaism offers.

  • Each module will be 4-8 weeks long and revolve around a central theme.
  • Modules will offer a mix of children-only and family events.
  • Immersive and multi-modal activities will allow children and families to experience living Jewishly rather than merely reading about how other people do it.


Wed, February 8 2023 17 Shevat 5783