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Temple Funds

A. DAVID PACKMAN ENDOWMENT FUND: To provide monies which  Temple B’nai Israel may disburse, in the name of Rabbi A. David Packman, to the Temple Community or to the Community-at-large.

BENDORF MEMORIAL FUND: Named for Walter Bendorf, a fund to provide Holocaust materials for the Library and for the Holocaust Memorial.

BUILDING FUND: A fund which makes sizable unbudgeted expenditures to repair and upgrade the Temple building and grounds.

ENDOWMENT FUND: The principal of this fund is never to be invaded.  The interest income is to be used for Temple benefit at the sole discretion of the Endowment Committee.  This is the original Endowment Fund. 

ERNA KROUCH PRE-SCHOOL FUND: A fund to provide additional funds for desired items which were not included in the budget.

FAIRLAWN CEMETERY FUND:      A fund which provided for the perpetual care of Fairlawn Cemetery.

GABERT CHILDREN'S LIBRARY FUND: Named for Ike and Flora Gabert, a fund to continually purchase children's library books.

GENERAL FUND: The fund which meets the continuing expenses of the Temple in support of our budget.

GOLD ISRAEL PILGRIMAGE FUND:  Named for Matt and Sonia Gold, an endowment fund which subsidizes a trip to Israel for each Confirmand, begun in the summer of 1990.

HENDERSON FAMILY ACTIVITY CENTER FUND:  Named for Rose & Kenneth Henderson, this fund subsidizes the purchase of equipment and other materials for the Activity Center.

JOSEPH FAMILY FUND: A fund to create historical archives for the Temple.

LEGACY FUND: The Temple’s newest fund, created in 2009, for the ongoing financial security of our congregation.

LEVENSON MEMORIAL FUND: Named for Claire Brandt Levenson, a fund which provides funding on an ongoing basis to underwrite the expenses of the Martin Luther King Jr. programming, co-sponsored annually by Temple B'nai Israel and the NAACP.

LIBRARY FUND: A fund to purchase books and to refurbish our Library.

MEMORIAL PARK FUND: A fund which provides for the perpetual care of Memorial Cemetery.

MUSIC & CHOIR FUND:  The fund which provides our choir additional monies for non-budgeted items and/or special events.

PRAYERBOOK FUND: A fund to buy Mishkan T'Filah for Sabbath worship, Mishkan HaNefesh: Worship for the Days of Awe for High Holy Day worship,  and other congregational prayer books

PRESIDENT’S DISCRETIONARY FUND:  A fund to provide unbudgeted items and programs for the Temple at the discretion of the President.

RABBI'S DISCRETIONARY FUND: A fund to provide unbudgeted items and programs which the Rabbi designates for the Temple, to help the needy in our midst, and/or to support various local and Jewish charities.

SHAFFER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND: Named for Lee Daniel Shaffer, a fund to subsidize youth group members in their attendance at NFTY Summer Kallah.

SHNIER FUND: Named for Jack and Esther Shnier, a fund to provide monies for contributions to the general community for disaster relief or other community needs in the name of Temple B’nai Israel.


YOUTH GROUP FUND:  Established in 2001 to provide additional funding for our youth programming.

NOTE: The Temple Sisterhood administers several very worthy Funds that also merit our generous support.  Sisterhood has created the:

Eunice Seligson Pulpit Flower Fund  which provides fresh flowers at Shabbat Services for those Shabbats when flowers would not otherwise be provided.

Barbara Wernick Scholarship Fund which is to subsidize Youth Group leaders’ attendance at the NFTY Biennial Convention.

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