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Committees & Chairs

Adult Education Committee – plans programs for temple members to explore  a lifelong pursuit of Jewish community, learning and spiritual growth.  The Committee’s Vision Statement is: We envision Adult Education that: better acquaints learners with Reform Judaism; encourages adult Jewish growth; enables learners to articulate Jewish beliefs, practices and history; models energetic lifelong learning for all ages; builds more knowledgeable “pray-ers.” 
Chair: Jeremy Fineman
Archives Committee – works to document the history of our congregation in a permanent and lasting form. Chairs: Harriet Carson, John Greiner
Arts and Gifts Committee – functions as a clearing house for all gifts to the Temple.  Any tangible gift to the Temple must be proposed to and accepted by this committee.  Once accepted the gift becomes property of the Temple.  The committee keeps a wish list of items for consideration by contributors. Chair: Gay Golsen
ARZA Committee – (Association of Reform Zionists of America)  Increases congregational awareness of the work of ARZA; improves congregational  knowledge about the status of religious rights and Reform Judaism in Israel; encourages members of our congregation to become ARZA members. 
Audit Committee – arranges for independent audit of Temple books and records; coordinates  implementation of recommendations from the auditors regarding accounting systems.  Also, this committee is charged with the collection of delinquent pledges. Chair: James Rovick
Budget and Finance Committee – prepares and proposes the annual budget for the congregation.  The Temple Board monitors the budget to assure expenditures are within the budget. Chair: James Rovick
Building and Grounds Committee – oversees Temple facilities for ongoing maintenance and repairs; responsible for general upkeep of building and grounds.  Chair: Bob Bennett
The Gardening Committee – is a subcommittee of Building and Grounds and oversees landscaping and planting of our grounds. Chair: Janice Segell
Caring Community Committee – serves the special needs of groups and individuals including nursing home and home – bound residents, newly divorced men and women, hospitalized patients and new mothers and their families. Chair: Lee Marrs
Cemetery Committee – establishes and maintains rules and regulations for both cemeteries; responsible for general upkeep and maintenance; sells lots and co-ordinates interments. Chairs: Debbie Nevard, Carol Reznik, Dan Yancey
Donor Recognition Committee – recognizes those families who support and sustain our congregation with generous annual contributions. Chair: Ellen Metz
Erna Krouch Preschool Committee – helps the preschool remain a vital educational resource for both the Jewish community and the Oklahoma City community at large; oversees scholarships to the preschool; works in conjunction with the Preschool Director in establishing policy for the school; assists in other fundraising and policy issues. Chair: Drew Schwartz
Fair Share Committee – reviews fair share pledges and membership applications for compliance with the Fair Share program. Chair: Andy Magid
Federation Representative – provides the Temple presence to the Jewish Federation Board.  Currently served by the Temple President, the position can also be filled by a representative appointed by the President.
Greene Family Camp Representative – assures that Temple is represented at Greene Family Camp meetings; works with camp personnel and Regional Camp Committee Chair; reports information to Temple Board. Chair: Lou Barlow
Ambassador Committee – acts as hosts and hostesses during Sabbath and High Holy Days. Our central purpose is to give everyone a warm, friendly  greeting.   We identify guests and prospective members and introduce them to other members.
High Holiday Committees:
  • Rosh HaShanah Oneg – a delightful celebration for the congregation following Erev Rosh HaShanah Services. Chair: Sherry Barton
  • Rosh HaShanah Luncheon – coordinated by the Temple Brotherhood following Rosh HaShanah Morning Services. Chair: TBI  Brotherhood
  • Yom Kippur Break-the-Fast – immediately following the closing service.
House And Personnel Committee – hires, supervises, and reviews non-professional personnel; sets personnel policies; reviews building usage and policies. Chair: Mike Rubenstein
Insurance & Security Committee:
  • Insurance – approves and monitors all insurance for the Temple, including life, health, worker’s compensation, property and liability insurance; oversees claims when filed. Chair: David Donchin
  • Security – attends to all fire and security issues. Reviews security arrangements for building, including contracts with service providers; considers security for special events or when security is deemed necessary. Chair: Douglas Samuels
Investments Committee - makes decisions regarding Temple funds and financial investments. Chair: Mark Bennett, James Rovick
Library Committee – provides an excellent collection of books on Judaica for the use of Temple members including children’s materials, and Holocaust  materials; provides the services necessary to make the collection readily available; membership of materials and services that are available to them. Chair: Karen Bergman
Membership Committee – recruits new members and helps to retain current members.  The committee honors our new members at special dinners and sponsors other membership oriented programming. Chairs: Arnold Fagin
Memorial Committee – responds to individuals in our Temple who wish to memorialize a loved one by the purchase of a memorial plaque; assists the President who writes condolence letters to Temple members who have lost an immediate family member; helps prepare the Memorial Booklet for Yom Kippur Yizkor services. Chair: Carol Reznik
Mitzvah Committee – represents the entire Temple in providing vital and sensitive service at a time of sorrow to member families who have lost a loved one. The day of the funeral, this committee provides lunch for the family, either before or after the service, and if needed will arrange for someone to watch the home while the family is at the funeral.  If a family has lost an immediate family member for whom the funeral was held out of town, and they desire a shiva minyan upon returning home, the Mitzvah Committee will provide sweets and fruit for the minyan. Chair: Carol Reznik
Music Committee – supports the professional and volunteer musicians; recruits new volunteer choir members; evaluates our current musical abilities and offerings. Chair: Donna Page
Nominating Committee – nominates members in good standing for vacant offices and/or trustee positions following the constitution.  Election is at the annual meeting in May. This committee works throughout the year to identify and develop leadership for the congregation. Chair: Don Karchmer
Outreach Committee – welcomes and provides education and support for those investigating Judaism, those exploring conversion, and/or those intermarried members of our congregation wishing to learn more about Judaism. Committee provides support for the Rabbi’s programs of education, interfaith Temple members, and anyone interested in furthering their Jewish education.
Past Presidents Committee – meets at the pleasure or need of the current Temple President and is available as a resource as requested. Chair: Don Karchmer
Religious School Committee – oversees the activities of the Inter-Congregational Sunday School (ICSS) and the Temple B’nai Israel Hebrew School.  The Religious School Committee is composed of a co-chair and two or three committee members from Temple B’nai Israel and an equal number from Emanuel Synagogue. The Committee’s primary function is to establish the educational objectives of the ICSS and it’s  operational policies. The Religious School Committee serves as a primary source of volunteer assistance to the ICSS and to the Co-Directors. Chair: Larry Heyman
Ritual And Worship Committee – in conjunction with the Rabbi, reviews Temple ritual and worship policies and programs; approves Bar/Bat Mitzvah Manual; distributes Bimah honors for High Holidays; authorizes ritual/prayer book purchases; performs other tasks as identified. Chair: James Rovick
Social Action Committee – plans and carries out projects of social action in the name of the Temple.  These efforts are both local and national in scope. Chairs: Scott "Ari" Nachatilo, Ricki Sonders
Ushers Committee - organizes ushers for Sabbath and High Holiday services. Chair: Jeremy Fineman
Youth Committee - oversees the Youth Advisor and Tot Shabbat in the coordinating and planning of youth programming. Chair: Larry Heyman
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